STRATUM 1 NTP server GNSS synchronized

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STRATUM 1 NTP server GNSS synchronized

hourglass by :: specifications

hourglass by - independent STRATUM 1 NTP server with GNSS synchronization

PN: NET-STRATUM1#001   SKU: ITBP-10002   Designed and manufactured in the EU by R&D Software Solutions.

hourglass by it is a non-Internet dependent (independent and isolated) STRATUM 1 NTP server having quite accurate time reference (bellow 20 nsecs typical) due to the high performance embedded GNSS engine and optimized architecture.

hourglass by add more resilience to your infrastructure against “NTP third part attack” by preventing time corruption. It is highly recommended for governmental, police, military, energy, financial, IoT, e-banking, security, event logging networks and applications. Last, but not least, it's the ideal solution for time reference in isolated networks.

hourglass by NTP service is compatible with any Linux, Windows or MAC OS servers or clients. Also, compatible with any device or system supporting NTP query mode.


STRATUM 1 NTP embedded server with GNSS synchronization - hourglass by
NTP STRATUM 1 specifications
* primary time source: GNSS PPS (pulse per second)
* secondary time source: GNSS date-time
* accuracy to GNSS PPS: +-5nsec typical * PPS GNSS engine accuracy: down to +-1ns
* over all accuracy: +-20ns typical

ETHERNET / IP specifications
* Ethernet port: 10/100 base-T, full-duplex with auto-negotiation
* primary IP address: frozen non-routable private address
* secondary IP address: manageable IP address
* default gateway: none
* SSH access: non-root user (for management only)

Hardware / firmware specifications
* Quad core ARM running at 240Mhz
* FLASH disk and RAM disk
* highly sensitive, high PPS accuracy GNSS engine embedded
* NTP and GNSS processes watch-dog
* Debian based frozen Linux 2.4 for ARM
* no servers listeners excepting NTP and SSHD
* no active clients

GNSS antenna specifications
* high gain GNSS active antenna, 28dBi, external, magnetic mounting
* cable: 5m cable with SMA M connector

Power supply specifications
* input voltages range: between 6.5-19.0V
* power consumption: ~ 1.5W
* maximum current consumption at 12V: < 150mA
* safety: reversal polarity and internal 500mA fuse
* recommended power supply: 12V, minimum 500mA and having short-circuit protection

Environmental specifications
* device temperature range (functional) note1: -10 to 60 Celsius degrees
* antenna temperature range: -40 to 80 Celsius degrees
* humidity range: 0 to 95% non-condensing

Physical specifications
* dimensions: 130x85x30mm
* weight: around 130g

note1 recommended to be operated in controlled climate (10-30 Celsius degrees)

front panel

hourglass by :: interfaces and indicators

Front panel - in the left edge, left to right:
1. POWER SUPPLY connector - GND(left) and +(right)
2. RED LED – power good
3. BLUE LED – GNSS 3D fix & PPS indicator
4. GREEN LED - NTP stratum1 system status
5. SYSTEM RESET SWITCH note2load default configuration
6. 10/100 base T ethernet port

On back panel it is placed the GNSS antenna connector (SMA F)

note2 inside case jumper-switch. not visible in right picture.


hourglass by :: quick installing how to

Hardware side (10-20 minutes typical)
      a. connect the network cable to the hourglass 10/100 base T port and to one switch port
      b. mount the GNSS antenna on roof, window or wall (outside having as good as it get clear sky). Cable the GNSS antenna cable and connect it to the GNSS connector. If required, you may use one cable extender (as. ITBP-0020 10m extender cable SMA F to SMA M).
      c. connect your 12V power supply cable to the power plug-in connector provided with the hourglass (keep in mind the polarity). Insert the plug-in power connector to the hourglass power connector.

The RED led will be on. As soon as the system it's up, the GREEN led will start to light note 3. After additional time note 4 the BLUE led will start to pulsate at fixed 1Hz rate, indicating that the GNSS engine 3D acquired lock and PPS fix.

note 3 - GREEN led signaling coding, please read the operating manual
note 4 - 2 minutes typical, but should may be longer depending on the quality of GNSS antenna instalation spot

Software side (first install)
      a. open an SSH session to (default hourglass IP address). Use as default username supervisor having 1234 as password.
      b. optional, but strongly recommended, change the login password (run passwd).
      c. add second IP address, being inside of your network IP class and avoiding the DHCP IP pool area note 5. In order to perform this run ./edit-static-IP and, after that, run ./apply-static-IP scripts).
      c'. (altervative for c.) - in your firewall / switch set one DMZ/vLAN for the / (or / class. Using port forwarding and / or IP masquerading assign specific port access / visibility for the NTP service on (the default hourglass IP address). Apply the ALLOW policy only for the legit IPs (existing NTPs server and clients inside your network). DENY/DROP all other.

note 5 - Eg.: if your network have IPs as 192.168.100.x, DHCP pool is from 10 upto 128, the choose as IP for your STRATUM1 server

hourglass by :: what's inside the package. Accessories and options.

When you order hourglass by, PN: NET-STRATUM1#001, SKU: ITBP-10002, you will receive following:
  - hourglass NTP STRATUM 1 server - 1pcs.;
  - high gain GNSS active antenna, 28dBi gain, magnetic mount, 5m cable, SMA M connector - 1pcs.;
  - power supply connector adapter for hourglass - 1pcs.;

Following accessories and options are available.
  - GNSS antenna cable extender 10m, SMA F to SMA M - SKU: ITBP-0020;
  - Wall mount power adapter, 90÷264 VAC, 12 V, 500 mA, OCP, SCP, OVP, 0 up to +40 Celsius, EU plug - SKU: ITBP-0070;
  - DIN RAIL power adapter, 90÷264 VAC (120-375VDC), 12 V, 750 mA, OCP, SCP, OVP, -20 up to +70 Celsius - SKU: ITBP-0072;


More hourglass by STRATUM 1 NTP server documentation can be found here.


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