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Worldwide compatibility # Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GSM / GPRS / SMS / DTMF supported
One standard size SIM
Bluetooth 3.0 interface (SPP and HFP profile support)
RPI compatible built in USB interface
built in LiPol battery charger
1.25"x1.16"(31.75x29.46mm), around 8g implementation
auto 2.8-5V compatible interfaces
Windows and Linux PC connectivity via USB
uFL or SMA F connector
Analog audio inteface
C and Python complex code examples
Ideal for small & medium series gadget / drones / wearables / IoT project integration where sizes and weights matters.

h-nanoGSM v1.08 series revision 2 - ARDUINO & RASPBERRY PI nano GSM + BTH 3.0 shield , our latest released product, compact as 1.25"x1.16"(31.75x29.46mm) and with weight around 8g, it is probably the most compact GSM nano shield on market.
h-nanoGSM series it is pin to pin compatible with our dual SIM GSM modular shield (c-uGSM series), with the 3G/UMTS modular shield (d-u3G series), with our 4G/LTE modular shield (l-LTE shield series) and together, are parts of a bigger family based on "plug-able boards concept".

h-nanoGSM series has been released without performance compromises and brings to you the best market solution at reasonable cost and becomes the reference for this new product class. It is designed and manufactured in EUROPE by R&D Software Solutions team -awarded in 2006 with the GST SSC Bronze Award.

The h-nanoGSM v1.08 series, in this compact format, integrates following main features:
  • Not only a GSM break board, but an GSM shield in nano format having big soldering pads
  • GSM / GPRS / SMS / DTMF with worldwide coverage (Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 interface (SPP and HFP profile support)
  • USB serial conectivity adapter with RaspberryPI, Windows and Linux. The USB connection offers, for Raspberry PI usage, the posibility to leave free the serial connection for other application/shields as GPS.
  • 2.8-5V auto-level digital interfaces (UART TX+RX / POWER ON-OFF / RI / STS / RTS / CTS), for direct connection with Arduino boards, Raspberry PI or any other 2.8V up to 5V micro-controller board
  • build in Lithium Polimer battery charger. Depending on powering schema, all boards version can be used with or without LiPol battery.
  • Plug-able accesories as: switching power supply (stand alone or with LiPol usage), (future) u-controller boards, other.
  • POWER ON / OFF push micro switch.
  • standard size SIM
  • uFL or SMA F antenna connector

The h-nanoGSM series opens to you the access to a fully light weight, integrated, fully functional and affordable cellular GSM modem shield / platform. Smart complete design of the h-nanoGSM micro shield brings you the flexibility and easiness in integration, wherever your platform and application. Beyond ARDUINO / RASPBERRY PI / others hobby / DYI platforms integration, the c-uGSM series can be easily and in a time manner incorporated into your equipment regardless your previous experience in modem technology. The h-nanoGSM series represents your best choice for usage into a wide range of designs requiring a robust GSM mobile communication and reliable performance.

Manufactured in EU.

Part number Description Usage
HNANOGSM108#UFL quad band GSM module - equipped with u.FL connector Worldwide
HNANOGSM108#SMA quad band GSM module - equipped with SMA F connector Worldwide
Part number Accesories description
ihatGSM3G101B Raspberry PI[Zero, B+, II, II, 3] HAT adapter board - connect the h-nanoGSM with the your RPI without wires
j328GSM3GLader102B Arduino Micro / Arduino Mini / Arduino Nano adapter board - connect the h-nanoGSM with the your Arduino Micro / Arduino Nano USB / ArduinoPro Mini (or othe compatible boards) without wires
fAUDIO102B Audio expander board - 2 x audio sockets bundle expander board
gSPS101#4V(DDRV) g-SPS 4V adapter board external plug-able switching power supply, 5-15V input, 4V output, max 2A. 20.3x34.29mm. Use in "without LiPol/stand-alone" d-u3G boards configuration.
gSPS101#5V(LiPOL) g-SPS 5V adapter board external plug-able switching power supply, 6-15V input, 5V output, max 2A. 20.3x34.29mm. Use in "with LiPol battery" d-u3G boards configuration, when main power supply voltage is bigger than 5V.
ITBP-EMB1-UFL#50 sticker embedded flex antenna 850Mhz->2250Mhz with u.FL and 50mm cable
ITBP-UFL-SMAF#100 u.FL to SMA female panel 100mm pigtail
ITBP-UFL-SMAF#085 u.FL to SMA female panel 85mm pigtail
ITBP-GSM-ANT-SMA90D#001 mini GSM/UMTS antenna, 0-1db, rod type, SMA F, 90 degree, no cable
ITBP-UFL-SMAF#085 u.FL to SMA female panel 85mm pigtail
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