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breakable SIM card for 4G, 3G, 2G GSM shields

Breakable SIMs [2FF, 3FF and 4FF in one SIM] represent a ingenious way to fulfil all SIM standards, but sometimes, it is a really pain in the a.s!
The SIM mechanical strucure [caused by the 3FF and 4FF format plastic cuts/breaks] it is not not enough reliable to count on and the shild can not read the SIM, register to the network or, if it does, at certain moment for sure will fail!


Let's solve this issue in fast 3 steps...


breakable SIM card fix mechanical issues step 1

Step 1
a. Cut one piece of tranparent tape [tape used for paper] bigger than SIM card.

b. Put the tape, having the glue side on the top, to a flat wooden surface.

c. Place the SIM card, having the contacts placed to the top, into the middle of the tape(the SIM plastic must be in contact with gluey side of the tape).

d. Using your nail, press firmly the SIM to obtain proper contact with the tape.


breakable SIM card fix mechanical issues step 2

Step 2
a. Place the SIM on a wooden board, having the SIM contacts above.

b. Using one cutter trim the excess tape on SIM edges [in right picture, see partial work].


breakable SIM card fix mechanical issues step 3

Step 3
a. After removing the excess tape, some tape ret/left overs remains on the SIM edges [observ tape edges in right picture].

b. Keep the SIM perpendicular over the wooden surface and pressing the SIM over surface, make couple forward-backward movements [in the SIM edge direction, not perpendicular to the SIM]. In this way, you will minimize the tape rests.





this tutorial was written by Dragos Iosub.


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