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4G, 3G, 2G GSM shields FAQ :: SIM CARD SIZES and TYPES

SIM [subscriber identity module] cards was introduces in 1991. This first model, aka FF1, have 85.60 x 53.98mm [just similar with credit card size]... I remmember one of my first GSM cellular phone [Motorala something] was compatible with this FF1 SIM. Anyway, during the time, new [smaller] SIM models was introduced, but keeping compatibility with previous ones.
To make the long story short and to have further reference, read: SIM formats.

Modular modems [c-uGSM, h-nanoGSM, d-u3G and l-LTE] SIM support:
- 1.8V or 3V compatible

Full size modems [a-gsm, a-gsmII and b-gsmgnss] SIM support:
- 1.8V or 3V compatible

Universal modems and boards familly[u-gsm and xyz-uGSM] SIM support:
- 1.8V or 3V compatible

4G/LTE [for l-LTE or for LTE universal modems familly], 3G [for d-u3G or for 3G universal modems familly] or GPRS services must be enabled to your SIM subscription and to be available in your area. Check those with your MNO [mobile network operator].





this tutorial was written by Dragos Iosub.


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