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GSM GPRS SHIELD - Arduino RASPBERY PI compatible a-gsm 2.06


         Worldwide compatibility # quad band module

         GSM / GPRS / SMS / DTMF supported

         Two SIM sockets*

         Integrated GSM antenna and uFL connector for external antenna

         Integrated uSD(TF) socket

         Micro-USB interface

         3-5V serial interface

         5-38V wide voltage switching power supply

         ARDUINO & RASPERRY PI direct compatibility

         Windows and Linux PC connectivity

         Audio jacks (out-700 mW RMS, in- capacitor MIC)

         Complex code examples

         Ideal for small-medium series gadget / project integration


* single SIM active


The new a-gsm v2.064 revision 3 series - ARDUINO & RASBERRY PI GSM / GPRS / SMS / DTMF shied brings to you the best market performances for their product class, accompanied by reasonable cost.


Designed in EUROPE by R&D Software Solutions team -awarded in 2006 with the GST SSC Bronze Award, the a-gsm shield stands as example for our concept of porting professional solutions to the hobby/DYI market.


The a-gsm series answers at your needs for a fully integrated, functional and affordable cellular modem shield / platform. Smart complete design of the a-gsm shield brings you the flexibility and easiness in integration, wherever your platform and application. Beyond ARDUINO / RASPBERY PI / others hobby / DYI platforms integration, the a-gsm series can be easily and in a time manner incorporated into your equipment regardless your previous experience in modem technology. The a-gsm series represents your best choice for usage into a wide range of designs requiring robust and reliable performance.


Our range of products is available in following main versions: with or bundled with ARDUINO headers, combined with single or dual SIM sockets installed.

All versions offers as standard: high performance GSM/GPRS module (Quectel M85) with worldwide coverage- 850/950/1800/1900 MHz, integrated GSM antenna and u.FL socket for external antenna, USB (micro type B) and serial (3 up to 5V compliant) interfaces, POWER ON/POWER OF, MODEM STATUS and MODEM RESET controller interfaces, micro SD slot (supporting micro TF cards up to 32Gb), high performance switching power supply, 2 x standard 3.5mm stereo jacks for high power output (700mW RMS) audio and for capacitor microphone input and a lot of other electrical interfaces, including SERIAL2 and DIGITAL AUDIO interfaces, all in 84.00x53.34mm form factor.


Manufactured in EU.






Part number




a-gsm 2.064 - 2 SIM sockets, Arduino headers bundle



a-gsm 2.064 - 2 SIM sockets, no Arduino headers



a-gsm 2.064 - 1 SIM socket, Arduino headers bundle



a-gsm 2.064 - 1 SIM socket and Arduino headers




Part number

Accessories description


u.FL to SMA female panel 85mm pigtail


u.FL to SMA female panel 100mm pigtail


Raspberry PI cables set 7x20cm long


Second (bottom side) SIM card socket spare part



a-gsm 2.064 shield is no longer in production. You can order online the a-gsm version 2 a-gsmII shield <<< PRODUCT CATEGORY IN PROMO!
same as a-gsmII but having GNSS engine embedded b-gsmgnss shield <<< PRODUCT CATEGORY IN PROMO!

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