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Important information - the a-gsm 2.064 shield is no longer in production.

Documentation and code support, last updated version, are still available for download here. The a-gsm v2.064 shield can be directly replaced by a-gsmII shield or by b-gsmgnss shield. All you need to do is to change the a-gsm libraries with a-gsmII or b-gnss shield

You may like to order online the a-gsm version 2 a-gsmII shield
same as a-gsmII but having GNSS engine embedded b-gsmgnss shield


Find bellow, arhived a-gsm v 2.064 shield information.


GSM GPRS SHIELD - Arduino RASPBERY PI compatible a-gsm 2.06


-         Worldwide compatibility quad band module

-         GSM / GPRS / SMS / DTMF supported

-         Two SIM sockets*

-         Integrated GSM antenna and uFL connector for external antenna

-         Integrated uSD(TF) socket

-         Micro-USB interface

-         3-5V serial interface

-         5-38V wide voltage switching power supply

-         ARDUINO & RASPERRY PI direct compatibility

-         Windows and Linux PC connectivity

-         Audio jacks (out-700 mW RMS, in- capacitor MIC)

-         Complex code examples

-         Ideal for small-medium series gadget / project integration


* single SIM active


The new a-gsm v2.064 revision 3 series - ARDUINO & RASBERRY PI GSM / GPRS / SMS / DTMF shield brings to you the best market performances for their product class, accompanied by reasonable cost.


Designed in EUROPE by R&D Software Solutions team -awarded in 2006 with the GST SSC Bronze Award, the a-gsm shield stands as example for our concept of porting professional solutions to the hobby/DYI market.


The a-gsm series answers at your needs for a fully integrated, functional and affordable cellular modem shield / platform. Smart complete design of the a-gsm shield brings you the flexibility and easiness in integration, wherever your platform and application. Beyond ARDUINO / RASPBERY PI / others hobby / DYI platforms integration, the a-gsm series can be easily and in a time manner incorporated into your equipment regardless your previous experience in modem technology. The a-gsm series represents your best choice for usage into a wide range of designs requiring robust and reliable performance.


Our range of products is available in following main versions: with or bundled with ARDUINO headers, combined with single or dual SIM sockets installed.

All versions offers as standard: high performance GSM/GPRS module (Quectel M85) with worldwide coverage- 850/950/1800/1900 MHz, integrated GSM antenna and u.FL socket for external antenna, USB (micro type B) and serial (3 up to 5V compliant) interfaces, POWER ON/POWER OF, MODEM STATUS and MODEM RESET controller interfaces, micro SD slot (supporting micro TF cards up to 32Gb), high performance switching power supply, 2 x standard 3.5mm stereo jacks for high power output (700mW RMS) audio and for capacitor microphone input and a lot of other electrical interfaces, including SERIAL2 and DIGITAL AUDIO interfaces, all in 84.00x53.34mm form factor.


Manufactured in EU.






Part number




a-gsm 2.064 - 2 SIM sockets, Arduino headers bundle



a-gsm 2.064 - 2 SIM sockets, no Arduino headers



a-gsm 2.064 - 1 SIM socket, Arduino headers bundle



a-gsm 2.064 - 1 SIM socket and Arduino headers




Part number

Accessories description


u.FL to SMA female panel 85mm pigtail


u.FL to SMA female panel 100mm pigtail



a-gsm 2.064 shield is no longer in production. You can order online the a-gsm version 2 a-gsmII shield
same as a-gsmII but having GNSS engine embedded b-gsmgnss shield

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