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ITBP modems and RPI 4 (or other RPI) integation. Raspbian Buster notes.


Raspberry PI 4 with high speed LTE u-GSM modem equipped with EG95

About this tutorial

This tutorial address the Raspberry PI 4, 3B+, 3B, 3A+, II, B, Zero and Zero W software integration with modems [full size or modular, 2G / 3G / 4G or LPW LTE CATM], including our newest u-GSM shield RPI and BBB embedded interfaces. u-GSM shield it is the worldwide first (and the only one) modular modem that supports ALL deployed GSM standards [LTE NB IoT / LTE CATM1 / LTE CAT4 / LTE CAT1 / UMTS-3G / GSM-2G] in one unified design!


For software configuration download and install the support packages from u-GSM shield download section.


Platforms: RASPBERRY PI any version, including newest Raspberry PI 4.



Easy and fastest approach - use the RPI image patched for itbp modems:

Access the download section, select your shield type and download the last available RPI image patched for ITBP modems. This image is based on Raspbian Buster Lite 2019-09-26.

One micro SD card [at least 4Gb #] it is required for instalation of this Linux image [Install a RPi image how to or google for it.]
Some features:
* static ETH0:0 IP address []
* sshd enabled
* enabled root access [1234 default password] [including root remote access enabled]
* mentained "rpi" user, having "raspberry" as password
* USB drivers
* mapped USB drivers for UMTS / LTE modems
* modified/remapped hciuart service [enabled BTH support over /dev/serial1 @ 115200bps]
* four additional packages installed [ppp, python-serial, mc and mtr]
* disabled avahi-daemon
* compact size 4Gb image [expanded] #

# for smaller SD (2Gb) - use patched image based on Streach Lite 2018-06-27(but not RPI4 compatible) from download section.

If you like to know what's changed/patched in this Linux image, read next chapter.



Custom install [Debian Buster Lite]

Download and install last Debian Buster Lite image from, or use your image.

Follow the same steps described in our RPI software how to, but:

a. first, remove "console=serial0,115200 console=tty1" from "/boot/cmdline.txt" ("cmdline.txt" on SD boot partition)

b. next, add in "/boot/config.txt" ("config.txt" on SD boot partition) following four directives:

c. ignore step 4(done before) and step 10!

d. optional, disable the "avahi-daemon" by running following three commands as root:
systemctl disable avahi-daemon.socket avahi-daemon.service
systemctl mask avahi-daemon.socket avahi-daemon.service
systemctl stop avahi-daemon.socket avahi-daemon.service









Original how to written by Dragos Iosub & team





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