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xyz-mIoT all versions powering how to - preamble and references



About xyz-mIoT shields xyz-mIoT is a 35x45mm IoT shield built around ATSAMD21G ARM0 microcontroller (Arduino Zero compatible design) having embedded LiPO battery charger module, optional embedded THS + tVOC + HALL + IR + tilt/vibration sensors and optional LPWR LTE CATM1 or NB-IoT, 3G or GSM modem.

Driven by the power and versatility of the embedded ARM0 (ATSAMD21G) core and equipped with various interfaces [I2C, SPI, UART, 13 digital I/O - 1WIRE and PWM capable, 5 analog inputs and more - see specifications], "xyz-mIoT by" provides multiple interfaces in order to support wide range of devices, sensors and actuators.



As modem capability clasification, four main xyz-mIoT versions are curently commercially available: BG96 [LTE CATM1, NB IoT, 2G and GNSS], BC95G [NB IOT], M95FA [2G] and modemless - all having variants related to embedded sensor(s) integrated, see PN coding. Further more, xyz-mIoT design support other LTE CAT4, LTE CAT1 or 3G modem variants - if you require such variants for specific project, contact us.



The xyz-mIoT shield may have up to 5 built-in sensors such as: THS (temperature and humidity sensors) - HDC2010, tVOC & eCO2 (air quality sensor - CO2 total volatile organic compounds - CO2 equivalent) - CCS811, HALL (magnetic sensor) - DRV5032 or IR (infrared sensor) KP-2012P3C, secondary IR (infrared sensor) - KP-2012P3C, TILT (movement vibration sensor) - SW200D or REED (magnetic sensor). Based on populated sensors, several variants can be ordered using different Part Numbers, see PN coding.




xyz-mIoT hardware references




xyz-mIoT power related solder jumpers and soldering pads

All bellow solder jumpers and soldering pads roles can be proper identified in xyz-mIoT shield - block schematics.

xyz-mIoT soldering pads for super capacitor
xyz-mIoT soldering pads for super capacitor
xyz-mIoT shield soldering jumper SJP6 detail
xyz-mIoT shield - SJP6 detail

xyz-mIoT shield soldering jumper SJP8 detail
xyz-mIoT shield - SJP8 detail
xyz-mIoT shield soldering jumper SJP7 detail
xyz-mIoT shield - SJP7 detail




xyz-mIoT how to start - powering tips and tricks

Even xyz-mIoT shield variants share the same powering architecture, some requirements and features are modem model specific.

In order to make it crystal clear, next we will show you some powering schemas strictly based on what kind of modem populate your board.... select your modem bellow:














Original how to written by Dragos Iosub & team





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