xyz-mIoT ** low power ARM0 IoT shield with optional GSM / 3G / LTE /
low power LTE modem and sensors

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xyz-mIoT by :: Arduino ports mapping

xyz-mIoT v2.09 by :: Arduino ports mapping

Read xyz-mIoT shield ports mapping in pdf format.

Even more information regarding xyz-mIoT shield port mapping, interrupts and other Arduino resources may be found reading:
- "variant.c" and "variant.h" files inside "itbrainpower.net_xyz-mIoT" Arduino library ==>
- xyz-mIoT shields block schema

xyz-mIoT by :: bottom layer - components and features identification

xyz-mIoT v2.09 by :: components bottom layer - components identification

Modems, sensors and available board features are PN dependent! (Eg.: GNSS feature is available only for BG96 and EG91NA versions).
Read: xyz-mIoT PN coding and xyz-mIoT features and capabilities docs.

The HALL sensor (DRV5032) / primary IR sensor (KP-2012P3C), if available, is placed in correspondent area of the STATUS led but on on TOP layer (modem side).


More info: xyz-mIoT shields presentation, xyz-mIoT PN coding, xyz-mIoT shield versions - supported GSM protocols / RF bands and shield features and xyz-mIoT downloads.

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